Friday, December 29, 2006


How deeply are my tounges co-opted out?

I sense that I do not “speak” as myself, that my speech is plundered by screwish self asunder.

My potential energy seems to be over-involved in closed systems expressionism. This over-involvement seems to “occur” only because I am attentive to certain aspects/degrees of my own integer-defined dimentionality, not because I am somehow actually limited to lower-dimentional expression. My tendency for closed apprehension and comprehension of the expression of sensorially perceivable multi-dimentional energy systems is what has been traditionally understood as divine judgement or karmic residue. This could possible be reduced to being called the inertia of one’s dimentional apprehention’s depth patterning.

Each energetic system expresses itself in it’s own terms, as well as spontaneously begetting a synergistic system of terms which transcend it’s component systems in regards to dimentional behavior.

I rage against my angst in addressing the meta-sphere’s imponderable perfection.

In contrast I also grapple with my pragmatic, polyhedronic, interpretive interface technology in attempts to sympathize with a transpersonal evolutionary orbital frequency. All non-inclusive, prerequsitized, privatized, esoteric and temporal/goal-oriented trajectories are discredited by their own boundry and term defined limitations.

There is a real need to express the limitless potential of Self in terms of a cyclicly and progressively complexifying evolutionary orbital aggregates, which are possible within the context of the now.

The “light” of awareness interpenetrates all discrete oscillatory instances with It’s own intent, which is to have deeper and deeper self realization. This can be understood in terms of the metaphysical equilibriated hole which begets the black hole/white hole duality. Their unity is a plurality.
All systems grow.
I can gno what grows!

Is this state of pure, metaphysical Awareness which is called the Self or equilibriated-hole, also the attractor which the entire process of energetic expression culminates towards and also eminates from?

Human kind seems to it’s component “individuals” to be involved in the specific energetic process of sensorially apprehending 5th dimentionality or gravitational-time-space via the self-defined “soft” organ of apprehention called the imagination.

The process of modeling the self-apprehending and self-modulating 5-dimentional energetic system called the imagination is perhaps just an after-thought to the direct experience of it’s depth, however, it still may prove usefull to imagine the dimentional model or “domain” in which imagination functions in order to stabalize and synergize the negentropic process of deepening involvement in and apprehension of, the 5-dimentional domain.

This “objective”, when maximized is sometimes called the black hole mind. This state is realized or more acurately “noticed” when the informational density of imagined expression reaches critical mass. Pop goes the 6th D!!!

Is the imagination a 5th or 6th chakra function? Perhaps it functions dialectically as the 5th chakra’s limitless creative expression until all the finite asymmetrical expressions undergo the formality of actually occurring. The synergetic “aternal” state of being which arises from this state of ultimate expression is understood as the 6th chakra, big eye, “pure” witness point. White light, all possibilities co-exisiting.

Interestingly enough, almost all classical wisdom traditions encourage the individual to approach the 5-D state of awareness via the white hole entrance, or the complete absence of light/form/imagening/dimentionality. Only faith that the void will be filled is nessicary. The blackhole mind is a truly Gnostic commodity. I desire it still, in spite of myself.


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