Thursday, October 19, 2006


All channels are omni-directional.
It's is my ego that assumes that when I am hyper-active within the mystic/intuitive imagination domain,
that it is for me by me, and all Other's are simply artifacts/consumers of my novelty portal.
This is a fear-sourced blinder. Everyone is playing along.
Is it parasitic to psycically feed off of other's feeding off of you?
Not nessecarilly, it can be symbiotic, but compassion for degrees of integration (cognized or not) is valuable.
The ducks on my farm do not realize that I am working on a Carnal Torpor blog but their shit helped me eat this sweet potato.

I sense that the calmdome must first be the communally privatized hyper-isolation/documentation enviroment. Geometriclly harmonized, ritualistically engaged, technologically supercharged, intellectually responsible.


Blogger CARNAL TORPOR said...

what is communally privatized???

11:07 PM  
Anonymous _/ // /|\ \\ \_ said...

"...the communally privatized hyper-isolation/documentation enviroment."

a community of private spaces for hyper-isolation and documentation.

2:01 PM  
Anonymous egg regions said...

then why dont you just say that, cause that's not what "communally privatized" means at all

10:57 AM  

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