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paul tillich distinguished three types of utopian thought:
A. heteronomous reason-that takes its principals from outside itself and is therefore artificial; serves the collective
B. autonomous reason-that takes its principals from within, but thereby reveals itself as vacuous and tautological; serves only the immiscible self
C. theonomous reason-that which is more deeply based, its fundament is "the ground of being" itself and this transcends the concepts of the possible and the impossible

says laffoley:
in the attempt to appear oracular and laconic in order to preserve for themselves the power that their cultural inventions had generated, the originatore of modernism remained within the domain of autonomous reasoning, indulging in non-sequiturs, and allowing advocates of heteronomous reasoning or the philosophy of nature to hold sway over the direction of culture free from opposition. what is necessary and what is now occuring, in this third phase of modernism, is the use of theonomous reasoning, while often called transdisciplinary, theonomous reasoning is actually a first step back to ancient wisdom in which methodological sensation or what we now know as science) has completely merged with methodological revelation (or totally known mystical knowledge in which every aspect of the occult has been overcome). a true tradition has no occult or hidden phases left in its process. the creators and the audience are in perfect harmony.


Anonymous / // /|\ \\ \ said...

How do transcripts of a theonomic thought process read? Like hyper-jargon?
Like supremely irresistible/unrepeatable advertisments for some product which has already purchased you?

Can you notice how completley you
are now moving in towards the unborn?
Your transpersonal trajectory is all thanks to
Disney's J.4)-(tractor BEAM !!!

An absolute predatorial product. (shot right from SCAR's evil and empty 3rd socket.) Not quite. I felt like those were the sick distortions of an autonomously built model of an utopian trajectory. Complete with fluxing cross-over deformaties. The new freaks in the half-way house of ill repuke, [tautological repuke?], attempting to exorscize their own attention in stupid home pyscic-surgeries with mirror cutting technuiques, all infected by the narsacyst. The impossible disection's impossible pace set by the elfin tricksters' electromagnetic pulse-code eminations from the vaginal obelisk of the raum corpse. This technosphere is the overlty hurtfull blunt scalpel tip of the iceberg above the event horizon. Kubric maybe foreshadowed this. Sometimes it seems like it is an attractor which can only be submitted to theonomicly, via a transdicipline. Kubric maybe attempted to submit to utopian space by making an inexplainable movie ABOUT representing the thing which the movie could not explain. WIll I learn enough of the most general principles of creation to properly forget all of creation? Is this the cosmic task, to discover an irreducable geometric/sociological/musical/linguistic reference crystal which allows itself and it's user to be negated? Again appears the idea of art which is the perfect invertion of the artist.

There is the potential for using a transmodern, transdiciplinary artistic approach, not to simply summon the image of the monlith, but to attempt to put people in some version of it's presence,
which will inevitably be perfectly ./defo|rmed\.

Let there be dark.

/ // /|\ \\ \

2:15 AM  
Blogger CARNAL TORPOR said...

do you remember when we made that ping pong ball disappear....?

12:53 PM  
Anonymous / // /|\ \\ \ said...

Imagine how much more complex than the ping pong ball be the human energy system .

3:39 PM  
Anonymous KARMACHINE said...

My Friends dad had one fake ping pong ball testicle, when i was growing up. He had to dip his testicle into a bowl of warm water
when he had dents.

8:13 PM  

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