Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bucky's decription of The Task

165.00 Generalized design-science exploration is concerned with discovery and use by human mind of complex aggregates of generalized principles in specific-longevity, special-case innovations designed to induce humanity's consciously competent participation in local evolutionary transformation events invoking the conscious comprehension by ever-increasing proportions of humanity of the cosmically unique functioning of humans in the generalized design scheme of Universe. This conscious comprehension must in turn realize ever-improving implementations of the unique human functioning as well as an ever-increasingly effective concern for the relevant ecological intercomplementation involved in local Universe support of humanity's functioning as subjective discoverer of local order and thereafter as objective design-science inventor of local Universe solutions of otherwise unsolvable problems, design-science solutions of which will provide special-case, local-Universe supports of eternally regenerative generalized Universe.

(this is a section from Buckminster Fuller's synergetics.
There is a link for the whole e-book in the links section of this blog.)


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