Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Synthesizing synchronisity

The Calmdome is possibly the symbol for a sacred space which, via it's technological sophistication, can address the holistic imbalances of the user/users in realtime and with an extremely irresistible degree of intensity. It would not (usually) be like being mindlessly possessed, but more like having the exact anti-venom to equilibrate your current state of imbalance.

A question is... Are these real-time needs defined by the user(s) interpretation of their own history(r simply the now) or the CalmDome's interpretation? Perhaps this is a collaborate process. Perhaps it takes some time,,,,,(days), for the Calmdome to model you?

How will this not be Hyper T.V.?

T.V.'s content is fixed, a structure is projected to some degree, but the Calmdome's content is in a state of user(s)-contextualized flux. Hyper-links, media fragmentations into drone. The entire disney catalog stripped of it's narrative and sing-song and reduced to archetypical references. Perhaps this is not the Dome for simply stabilizing logic structure but the removal of arbitrary reality models. Perhaps it attacks your reality with everything it has. Perhaps it tries to dissolve your identity in order to allow for the deeper epiphany. MP3's of The Phenomenology of Epiphany

Has this been done with full internet/webcamed/hi-fi surround sound/vector softwares/LED monitors/digitalprojection/implementation?
IT could be truly, truly terrifying, and it could probably synthesize syncronisity or divination or revelation/.

Even those things are not definitively objectives at this point, perhaps only, how far/how fast can we deprogram ourselves?

It's funny, I have no idea if any replacement identity I could conceptualize would be more integrated than this one, because, is it deeper integration of attention into self, or is it ego ventriloquism? We'll see.


(listen for the pulsecode emitting from the vaginal obelisk)


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