Thursday, November 23, 2006


The Photon mediates electro/magnetic exchange via the perterbtion of electrons orbiting a nucleus at the atomic energy scale.

The Gluon serves the same basic function as the Photon, only operating on the subatomic (quarkian) scale.

The Photon and Gluon are linguistic particles, universal virtual objects "words",
behaving over a grammerical range of probablilty.
They are virtual in that they are of neutral charge and whole Spin.
They can co-exist at a single location within TimeSpace and so not thought of as matter.

Just like words are not their own source, being internal meaning, nor their own result, being understood meaning, the photon is not it's own cause, nor it's own effect, but the sponatious vehicle for change/difference.

In the beggining there was The Photon which is the Word, a way and called Light.


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