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"This Week At Wierd
When Yr Body leaves ITself you always look UP to the WIERD....tues. 8/22 11pm

Well we're glad everyone missed our absense 2 weeks ago, and next week 8/30 I'll be away for the last time in Dark Synth Vancouver chasing penguins in an effort to drum up a bit of coldwave spirit to cool NYC off, but Josh and Glenn from Blacklist will be fillin in and yes at long last Josh has promised to present his famously rigorous collection of Iranian Wave, doesnt get any rarer than this...
So in the eminently 'liberal' spirit of my fave expression 'think globally but act locally'(which is always excellent and as always with the liberals absurd in its supposition that thought could possibly exist 'in space') WIERD was proud last week to participate in 'Freeing Israel' as our glamourous young Hassidic friends finally found a bit of 'relief' in the restroom last week in front of a packed house of admirers, so nice to see the wide smiles emerge after years of repression between those lovely long tendrils. So Im talking to those crazy young pleasure-seekin dudes who provided thee 'relief' effort and one says, " that wasn't such a good idea, his dick was so WIERD...ughh'...
I started wondering what did he mean by WIERD in this case, and after the kid said it was WIERD I asked, 'Was it also very rare?'...and he replied 'Naw man, swear that thing had never been used, shit belongs to God dude'...and I think this is the 'thing' which explains IT(as we know IT can never be explained but heres yet another sad attempt). Feelings of the WIERD often arise when the body is abstracted into thee realms of 'ITdom', and this realm most often is born when the body is taken over by some abstract force, God is one but while thinking about this one of my very rarest friends of all calls to introduce another...
My lovely young friend is spending a lot of time working for a certain Hollywood 'celebrity' and her body double which is always a step behind her. Interesting thing about this woman is her most famous talent seems to be her biologically triumphant ass, THING is she has never shown her ass on camera but rather the ass she's known for belongs to the double. So the 3 of them are sitting around and the star and my friend are eyeing the double's suspiciously 'perky' breasts, eyebrows all at dark synth highmast...'Oh I'm sure you want to guys and no they're not real, hey you want to see them?!'...'Uhh...'...No its fine I really dont care they're fake so I figure they're not mine, I showem to everyone!!!'...'Oh wow, so if they're not yours whose are 'they'?'...'They're the camera's you guys! come on you know the way IT is!'...
Somehow this struck me as a radical furthering in the WIERD studies of the IT, and this notion that a body part after being 'abstracted' either 'ideally' in the Hassidic example by God or in the Hollywood case 'materially' by the knife wielded by the very rare wallet of the camera seems important to understand, and I began thinking if exhibitionism is encouraged by one's rationalizing the body is no longer 'theirs', could this POSSIBLY be thee very rare clue to suggest that the popularization of Pornography is a direct 'symptom' of the populist rise in plastic surgery??? If you think about it plastic surgery went 'populist' in the mid-late 70's, exactly concurrent with the explosion of adult film and being its estimated over 70% of adult stars have some degree of abstraction inherent in their bodies IT seems to make sense. The thing to figure out thus seems, well if the hassids body goes 'UP' to God in the process of (idealist)abstraction, where does the porn star/body double's go in the materialist-abstracting case? One would expect a materialist abstracting could never end UP also in the heavens but ahh, very rare the WIERD would like to suggest you liberals are again wrong here...
The answer to this question comes from again considering as in 'Think globally...', another contemporary version of this question: If internet 'information' is also not locatable 'in space', why is it called 'DOWNloading', as this sugests a directionality in 'flow' DOWN from 'on high'? I always have this vaguely WIERD feeling of baroque religious drama each time I download some vulgar 'application' for my sad little PC cumpewter(and I can tell as my machine is 'PC' its always cofusedly tortured by the religious allegory implicit in its 'loading down from above' for as we know the liberals aren't the biggest church attendees'). So apart from the fact that the bland(and thus flawed) liberal 'notion' that the techno-revolution has displaced power away from the church and into 'information', this I think tells us that when the body of the adult star/body double is abstracted by the (materiality of the) knife, the body goes to the same place as the Hassid's - UP to the heavens...and unlike the inherently more healthy 'social' lifestyle implicit in a fundamentalist Christian' or orthodox Jew's life which still at least involves some sense of 'belief', the Western liberal porn consumer is obviously engaging in the exact same ritualistic act, looking UP to the heavens, and letting 'Relief' and pleasure Come Down(or all over you) from on HIGH, both made possible by the 'becoming IT' of the WIERD...every Tuesday...Long live the coldwave stars UP in the sky... very rare..."

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Thursday, October 19, 2006


All channels are omni-directional.
It's is my ego that assumes that when I am hyper-active within the mystic/intuitive imagination domain,
that it is for me by me, and all Other's are simply artifacts/consumers of my novelty portal.
This is a fear-sourced blinder. Everyone is playing along.
Is it parasitic to psycically feed off of other's feeding off of you?
Not nessecarilly, it can be symbiotic, but compassion for degrees of integration (cognized or not) is valuable.
The ducks on my farm do not realize that I am working on a Carnal Torpor blog but their shit helped me eat this sweet potato.

I sense that the calmdome must first be the communally privatized hyper-isolation/documentation enviroment. Geometriclly harmonized, ritualistically engaged, technologically supercharged, intellectually responsible.

Friday, October 13, 2006


The Other message comes through the contemplation of the false message.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


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Bucky's decription of The Task

165.00 Generalized design-science exploration is concerned with discovery and use by human mind of complex aggregates of generalized principles in specific-longevity, special-case innovations designed to induce humanity's consciously competent participation in local evolutionary transformation events invoking the conscious comprehension by ever-increasing proportions of humanity of the cosmically unique functioning of humans in the generalized design scheme of Universe. This conscious comprehension must in turn realize ever-improving implementations of the unique human functioning as well as an ever-increasingly effective concern for the relevant ecological intercomplementation involved in local Universe support of humanity's functioning as subjective discoverer of local order and thereafter as objective design-science inventor of local Universe solutions of otherwise unsolvable problems, design-science solutions of which will provide special-case, local-Universe supports of eternally regenerative generalized Universe.

(this is a section from Buckminster Fuller's synergetics.
There is a link for the whole e-book in the links section of this blog.)