Friday, January 26, 2007


There are ALOT of fledgling technoutopian start-ups, staffed with transhuman futurists, all trying to jump start the Gaian mind via synthetic cognition systems. For the most part these infoam junkies' movement is bound by it's followers' own reductionist modalities of commodity exchange and information hoarding, still clinging to immortalist whimsy (I <3 my body). At best they are afraid and misguided and at worst they are truley malicious. The easy way to tell if they are minions of the TERMINATING skynet protocol is that they hold completely to the liberative potential of raw technological expansion. (Grey goo on the shorts.) The idea is that the human ability to imagine is reducable to genetic protocol and manifestation (assymetrical, 4-dimentional expression) and once the human energy system can be holistically modeled in virtual space, the hive mind of the technosphere will self-augment into the blackhole singularity of infinate informational density via lucid, historically imerical imaginational activity using the human as a refence tone/clocksource/portal opener. (somesay that the DNA is not being co-opted but is the co-opter) anyway, either way this is obviously a self-TERMINATING situation because the actuality of prexistant and geoautonomous entities within hyper-dimentional "space" are our truer S-elves and so we will uproot this crude and ghastly gnostly white power movement once we ALL hold "hands".

(Fuck the Myspacetime continuum motion.)

Saturday, January 06, 2007


This is an acultural motion towards an unimaginable cultural expression, contained within public .commodity-less commandality called Calmdome. All Free Now. As mascots of superb omnidimentional transmutation, we must co-opt the mouthpiece of historical nonfiction. (splice fan fiction + non-fiction + fiction + nowness) We will have forgotten all of the false histories of history!!!! Those brand mascots and sitcom figure-heads are the 4-D glyphs for the 5-D archeatypes of self-programming DNA. Their intents are understood by their product nature. Chester’s sacrament of pun is the nihl of cool. Stay-Puft’s harsh/mellow bath is the unintended white byproduct of soulless aspects of black magic’s fear driven domination over forms. The Lion King, haver of all things, co-opter of mouths, his many tounges salivating with spouts the jargon of 1,000,000 brands and their ads. The prideland is the white informational domain of potential within which all exchanges are overseen, had and had by Simjah. Synthetic Jah, the final product, bought into being with the aggregate value of all purchases, life had by death many times, light had by darkness many times. The Lion King, composite silloette, simalacrum of the dominance, gentle predator GOD is ruling. SCAR was not assassinated, simply humiliated, hidden by his own black books, 777, mein kamp, necronomicon, libernull, testiless Hadies sulks in the black library of literal history, enveloped in knowledge without revelation. Change without expression. Perhaps it is appropriate that Scar is being welcomed into the transsexual, polydrugging newage blisscape of timone and pumba’s holywood i-mirage. Historical melodramtic sex with synthetic grub orephuses will dissolve him back into primordial sensation. This servix can be provided obviously and cheaply. Scar trades himself to bath in the torpidity of his Unbirthday. All ways are the way, All trade leads to the Absolut® exoneration and exhaltation of the final purchase of the Lion King by ItSelf. I co-opts I. Buy buy!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


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