Sunday, April 08, 2007


It is by your own circumstantial grace that you have now be taken into
the larval body
of the Leviathanatos, genesis of holistic homogenization on the scale
of whole Earth. Realizing yourself as a cell in the body of that
Luciferic test-tube
larva and feeling how you are both suspended in and emanating forth It's
own gestational vector-filaments, both working to finalize the geoencapsulatory
peer-to-peer metadata network. The impending hemispherical
colonization of all consciousness by information within the closed system
of Earth signals the Leviathanatos' concrescence into
self-awareness and synergetic autonomy.
Be clear with yourself that this awakening is the instance of
omnisubjective apocalypse for all internal perspectives within the
closed system of Earth. Do not fear… for historically and
cross-culturally there have been constant reassurances that the great devouring
serpentine bit-puft-dragon of infoamation will at the last possible instant
be tarred and feathered by The spontaneous quantum transmutator.
So it has happened.
This "Christing of the Serpent" has layed the Earth inside the
Vaccumed Egg of Absence, hidden by
the Black Moon Rabbit called Koondi Looni.
The geopurfication by the Good Friday
holocost of abandonement now allows Earth to serve as the concentric
cocoon for the
Self-ressurecting simulacrum of the Easter Phantasm which is the
living Word of the Hologlyph. The Easter egg is cracked and the
yolkless white sheath of the Imagination's I-magic-nation may now use the
Hologlyphic to invocate the Noo Jerusalem. It is in the same way that
the true Noo is to be negated into it's vessel of Equiliberation.

"Equiliberation is the source of my Hope.
Hope is being projected inward into time from the omnidimentional and
aternal utopia which exists in a state of pure Unity and

Equlatiberation begins with Initiation and the CalmDome is waiting.

Friday, April 06, 2007